Identify your rainmaker requirements


Catalogue ‘best practice’

Rainmaker PRO reviews existing results to determine the most profitable behaviour. (Results are one thing, but finding the best way to get them is another). If you fail to establish ‘best practice’ it makes it difficult to improve your rainmaking performance.


Tutor your rainmakers

Rainmaker PRO supports you and the practice transfer rainmaking knowledge and skills to ambitious attorneys. This will engage their effort by delivering an action plan and measuring their progress. Unlike training programmes, the algorithm acts as your change management coach embedding habits.


Develop specific niches

Rainmaker PRO isolates specialist markets. It develops niches in a bespoke manner yet relates them to larger opportunities within the practice. This enables lawyers to connect offers of boutique services creating referral marketing openings. (Niche practitioners often access unique openings).


Reinforce rainmaking ‘science’

Rainmaker PRO embeds rewarding rainmaker habits. This is by using algorithms based on successful rainmaking behaviour. This generates reporting and self-help guides that support you to establish your own ‘rainmaker incubator’ delivered via your internal resources that focus on your plans.


The Rainmaking Potential of Your Practice


Introduction development

Measure and develop your introduction method. Create a bespoke yet quantifiable network so colleagues and associates may support you. Rainmaker PRO ensures you leverage the position you and your firm possesses to weight and forecast the potential of new introductions.

Referral development

Rainmaker PRO develops your referral marketing habits. It delivers the key information that keeps your network moving forward. It installs referral marketing strategies and rainmaking behaviour into your day-to-day actions. These create habits supporting the ‘referral power’ your network possesses.

Follow through development

Progress and advance your initial referral opportunities. Maximise your potential fee earning conversations by developing these rainmaking relationships with a follow-up process mapping onto your rainmaking plan. Rainmaker PRO establishes follow-through strategies comparing results and flagging best practice.


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