Attorney Coach Report

Interpret your rainmaking network, estimate it’s financial value, predict possible results
and evaluate your rainmaking strategy.

Rainmaker PRO Attorney Coach Report £388.00 & VAT

“The ‘Rainmaker PRO’ Attorney Coach Report is like spending a day with a rainmaking specialist who professionally
examined your network of connections and converted that examination into an in-depth report”

Ivan KosalkoChair of the Slovak Business Alliance


A one hour session with the Rainmaker PRO software produces your bespoke rainmaker
profile delivering an insight into your business development potential


Interprets your network

Review an interpretation of your existing rainmaking connections that supports you to analyse your business development performance.


Estimates value

Create an appreciation of the potential of your connections to produce a financial forecast of the returns on your business development activity.


Predicts results

Analysis of the likelihood of results your current rainmaking actions will produce and the probability of an outcome.


Evaluates strategy

Creates a synopsis of potential rainmaking outputs supporting you appraise your existing contact network and your existing referral approach.

Rainmaker PRO Attorney Coach Report £388.00 & VAT

Virtual relationships


Powered by machine learning

Rainmaker PRO delivers your personal Attorney Coach Report through comparing your existing business development contacts and behaviour with a proven rainmaking model.

Contains bespoke feedback with comments and action plans

25 page document based on your current rainmaking situation

Attorney Coach Report retails at £388.00 & VAT


The 4 easy steps to access your 25 page Attorney Coach Report


Select a meeting

Book a 30 minute on-line meeting with our induction specialist to prepare the bespoke requirements for your report.


Receive online access

Input your TOP 25 rainmaking contacts and model your data using the on-line rainmaking tool kit.


Download PDF

Rainmaker PRO will examine your data. The Attorney Coach Report is accessible as a PDF.


Receive hardcopy

Rainmaker PRO sends a hard copy of this document by registered mail to your address.

Attorney Coach Report retails at £388.00 excluding VAT

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