Project your rainmaking potential


Investigate rainmaking-to-revenue

Rainmaker PRO appraises the future fees potential of all new connections. It reveals bespoke insights that can focus on: individual attorneys, individual niches, distinct departments, specific sectors or any combination of attorneys, departments and offices within a practice.


Evaluate succession planning

Rainmaker PRO replicates the ‘A’ player habits and methods from leading rainmakers. These habits support the ‘B’ players develop enabling the practice to progress its own talent to the highest standard possible. Bespoke reporting compares outcome across attorney, niche and sector.


Develop ‘A Practice’ approach

Rainmaker PRO delivers consistency into the management of referral marketing actions. It delivers future fee earning organisation and standards by its unique use of a common rainmaking language. This enhances partner meetings and through this common language, a common measurement system makes sense.


Build your rainmaking environment

Rainmaker PRO supports you to implement a scalable rainmaking model into the practice. Without process and procedure, as well as a measurement system isolating results, it can be hard to progress. Use the rainmaking tools provided to implement your bespoke programme.


The Rainmaking Potential of Your Practice


Introduction development

Measure and develop your introduction method. Create a bespoke yet quantifiable network so colleagues and associates may support you. Rainmaker PRO ensures you leverage the position you and your firm possesses to weight and forecast the potential of new introductions.

Referral development

Rainmaker PRO develops your referral marketing habits. It delivers the key information that keeps your network moving forward. It installs referral marketing strategies and rainmaking behaviour into your day-to-day actions. These create habits supporting the ‘referral power’ your network possesses.

Follow through development

Progress and advance your initial referral opportunities. Maximise your potential fee earning conversations by developing these rainmaking relationships with a follow-up process mapping onto your rainmaking plan. Rainmaker PRO establishes follow-through strategies comparing results and flagging best practice.


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