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The 5next team has US customer service expertise with Polish-Anglo cooperation regarding IT engineering.


What is Rainmaker PRO?

Rainmaker PRO is an easy-to-use relationship intelligence platform that develops legal service providers in the management and leverage of their networks. Its unique business development model empowers you to delegate management of growth.

Rainmaker PRO delivers implementation of a 12 month rainmaking strategy in one meeting.

The platform provides a universal perspective of ‘who knows who’ across attorneys, employees and connections. This creates ‘smart enterprise’ reporting of relationships enabling “warm introductions”.

Rainmaker PRO has an operational algorithm based on the behaviour of outstanding rainmakers working in the ‘time for money’ model. It delivers change management actions via its ‘relationship intelligence’ reporting. This counteracts the ‘Ebbinghaus effect’ which hinders training programmes, consultant engagement and online learning when introducing rainmaking initiatives.

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