Rainmaker PRO enables both attorney and practice
improve fee earning opportunities


Inspired by Rainmaker behaviour

Our Lawtech software is built upon proven successful rainmaker behaviour. This behaviour has been organised into a set of routines; some strategic and some tactical. These routines will convert your network of professional connections into fee earning opportunities. The software creates and develops successful referral marketing habits yet behaves in a bespoke personalised manner.

Finding luck


Powered by Machine Learning

Rainmaker PRO is an ‘Augmented Intelligence’ software application. Your actions are powered by the 5next software engine™. This engine analyses and then learns from the bespoke requirements of your fee earning goals. It then personalises the actions and advice which supports you and your practice track rainmaking behaviour against the ‘top 10% rainmakers’.



The Rainmaking Potential of Your Practice


Connections Scoring

Manage your key strategic rainmaking connections. The Rainmaker scoring system allows you to grade your essential rainmaking relationships for relevance, relationship, type of contact and productivity level.

Rainmaking Marketplaces

Ensure your networking actions match your ‘marketplace-of-maximum-relevance’. The Rainmaker filing system administers your referrals and matches the referrer/introducer into your key market places.

Network Type Allocation

Maximise rainmaking opportunities available via colleagues and ‘alliances’. Intelligent reporting combines your rainmaking network with other networks by marketplaces, geography, relevance and relationship type.

Relationship Management

Build rainmaking relationships in a consistent and commercial manner. The Rainmaker PRO automated administrator alerts you and identifies the key connections that need your relationship engagement.

Attorney Coach Report

Assess the commercial impact of your current rainmaking methodology. Review all your rainmaking actions to compare and forecast the potential financial impact of a new connection into your network.

Practice Builder Report

Assess the potential of combined rainmaking across the entire practice. Intelligent Rainmaker reporting connects the networking potential across departments and disciplines within the practice.

Attorney Assessment

Review your rainmaking habits and referral marketing potential. Measure your time use, project ROE, log relationship actions, share information and identify your most successful rainmaking methods.

Task Management

Maintain your network of rainmaking connections through regular actions. Manage and track tasks and activities assigning due dates that integrate to your calendars to manage schedules and rainmaking priorities.


Identify the most successful rainmaking habits within your practice. Transform your existing rainmaking culture as automated rankings give an up-to-date view of outputs supporting rainmaking engagement from busy attorneys.


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